Raffaele Montella


Assistant Professor, University of Naples Parthenope

Argonne National Laboratory

Areas of Expertise:

  • Environmental Modeling
  • Grid Computing
  • Cloud Computing

Dr. Raffaele Montella works as assistant professor, with tenure, in Computer Science at Department of Science and Technologies, University of Naples “Parthenope”, Italy since 2005. He got his degree (MSc equivalent) in (Marine) Environmental Science at the University of Naples “Parthenope” in 1998 defending a thesis about the “Development of a GIS system for marine applications” scoring with laude and an award mention to his study career. He defended his PhD thesis about “Environmental modeling and Grid Computing techniques” earning the PhD in Marine Science and Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”.
The research main topics and the scientific production are focused on tools for high performance computing, such as grid, cloud and GPUs with applications in the field of computational environmental science leveraging on his experiences in embedded/mobile/wearable/pervasive computing and internet of things. He joined the CI/RDCEP of the University of Chicago as Visiting Scholar and as Visiting Assistant Professor working on the FACE-IT project.

Research Projects